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Please Note: Help us get the best sample possible by making sure that you do not eat or drink anything within 30-minutes of having your test – this includes chewing gum and sweets.

Rapid Antigen (Self-Sample) for Fit to Fly

£13.99 per test

Lateral Flow Antigen

Self-sample test kit posted to your address

Turnaround is 24-hours from registration, with a certificate being emailed directly to you.

Order your self-sample test kit, which will be posted to your address

Receive your test kit in the post and follow the clear instructions on how to self-sample from your nose

Register the details to receive your certificate online

Result verified by our team and emailed within 24 hours

A certificate of your test results will be emailed directly to you within 24 hours

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£ per test

£ per test

£ per test

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